So we are now at the final stretch. During these times we see 2 console generations, the first being stretched out to about almost 10 years due to many factors including the recession, the second being relatively under-powered compared to the jump from the 6th to the 7th generation of consoles. This is also the time […]

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The Early 2000s

With the Dreamcast making a relatively big splash, it seemed that Sega may have finally got the hardware right this time. However, despite them listening to fans and developers, Sega still had poor relations with certain third party developers due to their past shenanigans. With the PlayStation 2 announcement, Sega had to act fast if […]

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The Late 90s

With Sony’s public humiliation after announcing their partnership with Nintendo, nobody would foresee the beast that was about to awaken. And with it’s powerful hardware and high capacity Compact Disks, studios were jumping ship who were already had strained relations due to Nintendo’s restrictions. Today we will see another golden age of gaming where we see the emergence […]

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The Early 90s

The early 90s were a time where the industry shifted from sprite-based graphics to 3D graphics. While two giants go at it and trade blows with each other, a new medium becomes popularized with the Nintendo Game Boy. Another interesting note is that the arcade starts to see a decline as home consoles become more common. […]

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The late 1980s

As the dust settled from the chaos that was the crash of 1983, video games were seen as a fad that had come and passed. But with the ruthless and innovative strategy of the newcomer Nintendo, video games would rise from the ashes and once again make video games a force to be reckoned with […]

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The early 1980s

The industry in the beginning of the 1980s was alive with simple arcades and wood-grained consoles. Arcade companies started churning out iconic titles like Donkey Kong and Pac-Man while Atari dominated the console market. With the industry generating about $5 billion in the early 1980s it was no wonder why you had companies from all over America wanting […]

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