My Favourite Multiplayer Level: Gulf of Oman 2014 (Battlefield 4)

Welcome back! Today we are looking at one of my favourite multiplayer levels of all time. I have spent many hours on a few games in the past years, but this one is the one I always fall back to when I get sick of the others. Between “Nacht der Untoten” for Call of Duty: World at War, “Arica Harbor” for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and “Gulf of Oman 2014” for Battlefield 4, I chose Gulf of Oman 2014. This would be considered a large map which comes with every type of ground and aerial vehicle the game has to offer. This also means you can have up to 64 players simultaneously. While there are multiple game modes available for this map, I will focus on the Conquest Large which is like capture the flag. One thing to note is once you have taken control of a control point, your team may spawn at that point.

bf4-gulf-of-oman1_originalIn this version of the map you may choose to be part of either the United States Marine Corp  or the Russian Ground Forces. If you start as a Marine, your whole team will start at a single point at the bottom of the map (on the US Carrier) and one way to get to land is to pilot a jet. You could also pilot or helicopter, drive a boat, or hitch a ride in either of those. I find the most intense way to get to land in the beginning of the game is to hitch a ride in a helicopter as you can attack using 50 cal machine gun. As you helicopter inches closer to land, I would jump out of the helicopter and get on the shore as quickly as possible by deploying my parachute as close to the ground as possible (don’t want anyone to snipe me mid-air).

bf4-ee-map-oman-3-464x420Once you are on shore, gameplay is pretty much the same for both teams. Control points A, B, C, and D are sort of armoury objectives that can net you Tanks, Armoured Personnel Carriers, and VDV Buggies. Points A and B are out in the open and can get quite crazy as snipers and tanks can spot you from the control points across the map. I find that it can get even crazier at points C and D  as they are higher in elevation, have houses as cover (are also destructible), and is closest to the other control points. You can bet a vehicle is sitting somewhere waiting for you here.
As you are heading north-east bound to the other control points you will need to cross a highway that horizontally stretches across the map. I feel that this is a great touch as it adds to the story of the map and it gives you a sense of fighting in a conflict that’s part of a bigger battle. With the buildings in the backdrop with smoke billowing from them, actual gunshots from comrades and the enemy in the distance, and explosions, your senses are fully immersed. Just be sure to have surround headphones for the full effect.


Once you cross the highway you can find points E, F, and G where you can find the construction site (E), the gas station (F) and the hotel (G). The construction site has 2 buildings. One where you can climb to the top (3rd floor) and a sky scraper whose top floor can only be accessed by helicopter. Here is one of many sniper points where you can camp and have a good vantage point over the entire map (points A and B are not safe from this). The gas station is where alot of the vehicular action can take place as tanks from the Russian spawn point are only a few hundred feet away. The hotel which is the more secluded area of the game also is a sky scraper, although it is not as tall and advantageous as the one at E.

aceb2CO.jpgOne of my favourite aspect of the map is that fact that near the beginning of the map, a sandstorm engulfs the entire level which will limit your view distance. This brings an interesting twist to the familiar map as it is available for Battlefield 2 and 3. With  64 players all fighting for control, some interesting scenarios can occur. For example, as I manned a turret on a Humvee, I was trying to shoot through the walls of one of the homes at point C after I noticed an enemy at the corner of my eye. About 2 minutes later, a jet crash lands about 20 ft in front of me which completely caught me off-guard and that hesitation caused me my life. Or during another battle at point C where my squad drop like flies around me while taking cover behind a hill as a medic and reviving them while bullets whiz by my head (headphones truly enhance this aspect).

6094_41_battlefield_4_second_assault_maps_vs_battlefield_3_maps_116_glorious_comparison_screenshots.jpgIf there were anything to complain about, it would be control points A and B. The openness nature of those points do make it difficult to stay alive as not only snipers take pot shots at you from the skyscrapers, but tanks, APCs, helicopters, and jets can easily point their guns from a large portion of the map and obliterate anything that stand at the flags vicinity. Also, if the enemy team has taken control of all control, and you happen to be a marine, getting on land from the US Carrier can be an exercise of patience as travelling through the water or air will likely end in death by concentrated fire of the enemy team.

Here is a short video of me and the map in action.

Other than that, it’s mostly a fun chaotic map that never gets boring which improves upon the atmosphere from the previous iterations.

Thank you for reading.


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