The Early 90s

The early 90s were a time where the industry shifted from sprite-based graphics to 3D graphics. While two giants go at it and trade blows with each other, a new medium becomes popularized with the Nintendo Game Boy. Another interesting note is that the arcade starts to see a decline as home consoles become more common. […]

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The late 1980s

As the dust settled from the chaos that was the crash of 1983, video games were seen as a fad that had come and passed. But with the ruthless and innovative strategy of the newcomer Nintendo, video games would rise from the ashes and once again make video games a force to be reckoned with […]

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The early 1980s

The industry in the beginning of the 1980s was alive with simple arcades and wood-grained consoles. Arcade companies started churning out iconic titles like Donkey Kong and Pac-Man while Atari dominated the console market. With the industry generating about $5 billion in the early 1980s it was no wonder why you had companies from all over America wanting […]

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